Saturday, September 19, 2020

Reaching out for help

Will you please help this man find justice?

For nearly 37 years, Reginald Wheeler has been serving time in prison for his part in a street robbery — a mugging of a man for his watch and $12.

His accomplice rolled over, pled guilty and served a sentence of five years. Reginald was now facing a life sentence for kidnapping during a robbery, so he went to trial.

The jury ruled against him, although they stated that there was no evidence of a deadly weapon.

However, the judge sentenced him to life anyway.

His defense attorney later conceded that he did not adequately represent Mr. Wheeler.

But now, the L.A. District has denied Reginald’s request to be released after all these years — this at time that other lifers who had committed much worse, even violent crimes are being released.

Please look at these letters and consider how may be able to help.